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5 Reasons Why You Need A Roof Inspection Today

May 26, 2018

Brief Summary – A Spring Roof Inspection for your Commercial, and/or Industrial Roof will check for any Winter Damage that may have occurred. It will also helps you identify minor repair problems before the Spring Rains. GTA gets torrential rains during Spring, Our Free Flat Roof Inspection will confirm that your drainage system is in good shape. Regular Inspections and Timely Maintenance will ensure the longevity of your Flat Roof and also give you a Peace of Mind.

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At Crown Roofing, you will hear us talking about how important proactive inspections are during Spring. This is because regular inspections and maintenance help to extend the life of your industrial and commercial roof. Regular inspections will catch small problems before they become expensive emergencies. Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Need Your Commercial and Industrial Roofs Inspected Today:

1) Check for seasonal damage

After our long and harsh winter in the GTA, your business’ roof has gone through multiple expansion and contraction phases.  The fluctuating temperatures are quite strenuous on your commercial and industrial roofs. It can weaken the roof’s ability to deal with rainstorms that regularly assault our buildings in the Spring. It is essential for the well being of your building to inspect and maintain your flat roof before it starts leaking. If you are concerned about Leaks this Spring, make sure you read “Weather-Retalted Flat Roofing Emergencies” to prepare yourself.

2) Identify minor repairs

Wear and tear (Atrophy) is normal for flat roofs in the GTA. The goal is to identify and repair these issues before they cause further damage and become big issues down the road. Mild Spring temperatures means that it is easier to identify any cracks and seals that have failed. When the weather gets hotter, the roof materials may expand and hide the issues until the next Spring. This may result in moisture entering your building through the roof during the Fall and Winter and damaging the operations of your business. There are ways to detect some leaks that you can start implementing, learn about “5 Warning Signs Your Flat Roof Has A Leak“.

3) Analyse any Drainage concerns

During Spring in the GTA, creates the “perfect storm” for your flat roof’s drainage. During Fall and Winter there can be a lot of debris deposited on your industrial and commercial roof. As Mother Nature says goodbye to the snow with a large amount of rain, debris can start clogging your drainage system leading to pools and leaks. Clogged drainage becomes a big concern as we fluctuate between thaws and freezes during Spring. Water will expand and contract which can result in warping of the drains, and roofing materials.

4) Cost of procrastination

There is a hefty cost to a business for procrastinating when it comes to their flat roof. Without regular inspections during crucial periods like Spring and Fall, you could be reducing the lifespan of your commercial roof. This might result in spending substantial amount of money to replace your industrial roof prematurely. The disruption to your business while you wait for the emergency repair or replacement can be devastating not to mention the potential for damage to the equipment housed in the building. In severe cases, there can be structural damage to the building. “Tips To Extend The Life of Your Flat Roof System” has  practical advice to increase the longevity of your Flat Roof.

5) Peace of Mind

As a building owner or property manager, there is nothing worse than the unknown. Your flat roof is one of the most overlooked component of your building. Spring roof inspections ensure that you know the current state of your roof and what course of action is required to make it safe and secure. In general, clients who get regular inspections often spend about half as much on their commercial and industrial roof in the long run. If you are currently thinking of replacing or repairing your Flat Roof, “How To Determine If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Flat Roofing System” is a must read. These reasons are why Crown Industrial Roofing offers FREE Inspections to our clients.

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