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Save Money With Annual Flat Roof Maintenance

Jun 14, 2018

Brief Summary  In The Greater Toronto Area, Commercial and Industrial Flat Roofs go through extreme climates. This abuse can result in problems such as splitting, ponding, and blistering on your Flat Roof. Your Commercial Flat roof needs regular maintenance to provide cost effective protection for your business. Flat Roof Maintenance saves you money in the long term.

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“An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure” is as true today as it was in 1700s when Benjamin Franklin first uttered it. When it comes to your Commercial Roof, it is a great advice to heed.  Since it is far cheaper and easier to maintain a flat roof than repair or replace. As an Industrial Roofing company, unfortunately majority of our work is doing repairs or replacing flat roofs. Crown Industrial Roofing has been around for 40 + years in the Greater Toronto Area so have seen it all. You can Trust Crown to make sure that your business’ hard earn dollars are not wasted due to an oversight of your flat roof. Every year, your Flat Roof gets abused by extreme temperatures, Blistering Sun, very heavy snow and rain (Weather Related Flat Roof Emergencies).  Studies have shown that a roof that have been neglected will cost you TWICE as much as a roof that has regularly maintained over the course of its life. This directly effects your bottom line!

Modern Flat Roofs are a marvel of engineering and cutting-edge science. These roofs can spend decades being bombarded by Mother’s Natures wrath and still provide you & your business protection from the elements. Your Commercial Flat Roof is the most important part of your building envelope. Annual Flat Roof Maintenance is essential to ensuring that you and your business can squeeze maximum longevity out of these Flat Roofs (Money Saving Tips to Extend the Life of your Flat Roof System). Getting regular maintenance for your flat roof is essential for your building’s smooth operation.

Annual Flat Roof Maintenance will prevent these common issues from becoming major disaster


It can be caused by freezing, thawing, water ponding, stress/pressure or just poor workmanship of the original roofer. It generally occurs if the Flat roof has not been properly maintained.


It is when there standing pools of water on your room that doesn’t dry. Ponding can be caused by blocked drains. improper slope, or a roof in ill repair.


This occurs when air is trapped between the felt or the felt substrate. As the air heats up in the summer it causes this pocket to expand which can lead to a puncture. These blisters can be a major issue if they burst near a join then you could be looking at a substantial repair cost.

“Most business owners don’t realize that every single blister and ridge mark will eventually turn into a leak” this advice come from Joe Ferrier, President of Crown Industrial Roofing. Joe has over 30 + years of Commercial roofing experience and his advice is to schedule semi annual Inspections (Fall and Spring) and get preventative maintenance work done in the Spring. This ensures that the damages and/or problems are caught early and fixed before they become expensive catastrophes.

So take that “ounce of prevention” Call Crown Industrial Roofing for your Annual Flat Roof Maintenance.

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