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Benefits of Infrared Commercial Roof Survey

Apr 15, 2019

Identifying roof damage in a commercial property’s roofing system is extremely necessary in protecting a business owner’s investments and ensuring complete safety of the workers or anyone else who visits the building regularly. On the surface, it may seem like your commercial roof is in excellent condition, however, many would be surprised to learn that their property’s’ flat roof could have leaks or other types of damage unidentifiable to the human eye. Simply put, moisture build-up and flat roof leaks can be a real problem that can lead to mold or rot, or worse, significant structural damage.

Is your flat roof at risk? How can you know for sure? Thanks to today’s infrared detection technology designed specially to detect flat roof damage, even the largest roofs can be inspected without destruction and in a timely manner.

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of infrared commercial roof surveying in Toronto and why it’s important in maintaining the structural integrity of your commercial property.

What is An Infrared Commercial Roof Survey?

Infrared commercial roof surveys provide an efficient way to identify specific areas of moisture and wet insulation present in your commercial or industrial flat roof. Although leaks and water damage may be noticeable to the human eye (usually in the form of mold and water stains on the ceiling), trapped moisture in the waterproof membrane cannot.

When the waterproof membrane has a leak, water can enter the flat roofing system and soil the building’s insulation and underlying layers. Wet areas on the roof take much longer to cool down compared to the dry areas. In other words, the wet areas will hold heat longer, causing a rise in energy costs as well as extreme threat to a building’s structure overtime.

The use of infrared technology can be of extreme benefit to a commercial property’s roofing system. A commercial roofing contractor in Toronto will use an infrared camera to conduct a complete and thorough high-resolution scan of your flat roof to find areas with trapped moisture. The special technology used in infrared scanning can help protect your flat roof as well as your capital investment.

Here are some of the other key benefits infrared commercial roof surveys provide:

1. Accurate flat roof leak detection that can be done in a timely manner.

2. Thorough identification of both trapped moisture and water damaged portions on a flat roof.

3. Eliminate the need to replace intact roofing. In other words, infrared scanning will help identify what areas of the insulation are saturated without having to tear off the top layer of your roof.

4. Find wet or missing insulation to identify specific areas to focus on.

5. Allow for property owners to plan accurate budgets based on known facts from infrared commercial roof surveys.

6. Document problems before the roof’s warranty expires.

7. Document existing conditions before a new season, or extreme weather commences.

8. Allow for precise preventive maintenance, which is much more cost effective than catastrophic damage.

Toronto’s Infrared Commercial Roof Survey Specialists

At Crown Industrial Roofing, we’ll provide you with the proper detection and documentation of roof moisture with our cutting edge, high-resolution infrared technology. We create thorough and professional infrared surveys so that all parties involved will be able to use the information to better protect as well as maintain the integrity of their commercial or industrial flat roof.

If you’d like to ensure your flat roof is free of any damaging leaks or other dangerous areas, or if you would like to learn more about our infrared scanning services, contact us at 416-744-7788. Additionally, you can book your flat roof scan inspection anytime through our online contact form.