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Commercial Roof Inspection Checklist

Aug 5, 2021 | 0 comments

Weather in the Greater Toronto Area can be unpredictable. Over time, your industrial roofing system may experience damage due to the heat, rain, snow, and bitter cold that Toronto usually offers. All these conditions may produce damage to your roof. So, it is crucial to inspect your roof from time to time and ensure catching any minor issues before they demand expensive emergency roof repairs Toronto.

We have created this commercial roofing checklist that you can use to check if your roof is damaged and if it’s time to call industrial roofers. Using this list, you can check different parts of your roofing for damage and make it ready for inspection by a professional flat roof contractor. Read this checklist below and contact an expert for a roofing quote for needed repairs.

1. Signs of Damage

Take a casual look at your roof and identify any damaged parts on your commercial roof. Move around and check your roof’s flashing, gutters, surface membranes, roof vents, field tears, and drainage pipes for any split seams, cracks, loose parts, buckling, mold, rot, or staining.

2. Ponding Water

If you notice a clogged drain or a slow-draining line, there might be water ponding on your rooftop. Your roof color will change in such a case, and only an experienced flat roof contractorcan identify and fix the underlying damage.

3. Drain Cleaning

Your roof is designed to catch water and drain it away from your building’s foundation. If there is debris in your drains, such as leaves, garbage, or fallen branches, water may start ponding on your rooftop and cause internal damage. Therefore, clean your roof regularly to ensure your drains remain clean, and water flows freely through them.

4. Roof Flashing

Flashing is a thin substance industrial roofers use to direct rainwater away from certain parts of your industrial roofing system. They use flashing whenever the plane touches a vertical surface, like a wall, dormer, or chimney. If there are crevices or cracks in your roof flashing, it will allow water to seep through and need industrial roofing repair from experts.

5. Edge Details

Check your roofing edge details and ensure that they are terminated and secure so that no elements can make their way inside. If you notice issues in your edge details, call professionals for emergency roof repairs Toronto.

6. Roofing Field

The roofing field is the main roof area of your commercial building. Check this area and identify any tears or cracks on it. Get a roofing quote from an expert for the required repairs.

7. Roof Edge

Casually inspect your roof edge and look for any knocked, damaged, or loose parts due to violent storms or high winds. Getting them repaired immediately will preserve your roof‘s health and ensure everyone’s safety.

8. Gutters

Clogged or damaged gutters may lead to water ponding. Check your gutters for any damage and ensure that they are appropriately attached to your roofing. Also, keep them free from debris to let water flow freely.

9. Downspouts

Like gutters, downspouts are also helpful in moving water away from the building’s foundation. Ensure that they are properly attached to the gutters and free from any damage. Check the sealing of their termination bars and check if there is any debris blocking them.

Get Industrial Roofing Repair Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Now that you have the commercial roofing checklist to check for damage, know that Crown Roofing offershigh-quality commercial flat roof installation, repair, and replacement services in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, and the entire Greater Toronto Area since 1977. If you want to protect your industrial roofing system safe from damage, book an appointment with the industrial roofersof our team and manage your property with ease!