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Commercial Roofing Repair: DIY or Call a Contractor?

Dec 23, 2019

We live in a world where the “maker culture” continues to evolve and grow in popularity. This idea of doing-it-yourself (DIY) is increasingly becoming a go-to source for not only personal expression, but also saving money. And while DIY projects around the house can be extremely beneficial, not to mention economical, there are some things that are best left in the hands of a professional.

DIY Commercial Roofing Repair: Don’t Do It

There are many reasons why commercial property owners would consider taking the DIY route when it comes to commercial flat roof repair – in their mind; they think they’ll save time and money. However, when it comes to commercial roofing repair, one should NEVER consider DIY options. Rather he/she should enlist in the help of a professional commercial roofing contractor – bottom line.

Need more convincing? Here are four crucial reasons why you should consult a professional roofing contractor to repair your commercial flat roof in Toronto, Ontario.

  1. Get it right the first time. DIY enthusiasts generally have no idea where to start when it comes to commercial roof repair. Not only does this make the repair side difficult, but it also means they will inevitably make mistakes along the way. In such a case, it’s best to hire a professional commercial roofing contractor to get it right the first time and avoid costly (and more difficult) repairs in the future.
  2. Safety will not be compromised. Slips and falls are among the most common accidents associated with commercial or industrial flat roof repair projects. So, when it comes to ensuring proper safety, DIY roof repair just won’t work. On the other hand, a professional roofing contractor will make it a priority to invest in the proper safety training courses, equipment, and an insurance policy to ensure the safety of not only the company’s roofers, but also any bypassers that come within contact of the property during the repair project.
  3. A warranty will be provided. Any reputable commercial or industrial roofing company offers warranties on both the materials it uses and workmanship it provides. Should anything go wrong after installation or repair, the commercial roofing contractors will be available to repair it at no additional cost during the entire warranty period.
  4. You’ll get a thorough roofing inspection. Before commercial roofing contractors can start any type of repair to your commercial or industrial flat roof, they will first need to provide a detailed roofing inspection. During this inspection, commercial roofers will have the necessary tools to identify any current and potential roof damage – something a DIY enthusiast wouldn’t be able to do.

Expertise is Everything: Commercial Roof Repair in Toronto, Ontario

Repairing or replacing your commercial or industrial flat roof is a very technical process that requires extensive training. At Crown Industrial Roofing, our commercial roofing experts have the knowledge and expertise to not only repair your commercial roof properly, but also find any structural mistakes and flaws that any DIY enthusiast would miss.

Hiring an expert commercial roofing contractor to repair or replace your flat roof in Toronto will lower the risk of roof damage and preserve its lifespan drastically. Call us today 416.744.7788, or book your free commercial roofing inspection here.