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Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof With These Tips

Sep 1, 2021 | 0 comments

A roof plays a significant purpose in protecting your industrial structure in the Greater Toronto Area. Regular commercial roofing repair and maintenance help mitigate any upcoming issues that may cause extensive damage to your building. So, keeping up with the potential problems and getting them proactively repaired by industrial roofersprevents them from getting bigger and extends the life of your commercial roof.

A regular industrial roofing repair and maintenance program is necessary, no matter what the age of your roof is. These are a variety of tips to extend the life of your commercial roofing, as basic maintenance of your industrial roofing system can be your best line of defense.

1. Get Roof Inspections Twice a Year

It is extremely helpful to have industrial roofers inspect your roofing twice a year. During these inspections, they will identify any upcoming problems like cracks, leaks, weak spots, or sagging in your roofing. The professionals know how to inspect the most vulnerable parts of your commercial roofing, including the joints, eaves, skylights, and vents. Schedule a roof inspection before the winters to avoid any issues during the freezing temperatures of Toronto and Vaughan.

2. Gets Leaks Repaired Immediately

Never ignore a leaking roof. Over time, it will only worsen and become more expensive to repair. Emergency roof repairs Toronto can get really costly at times. Leaks can  damage not only your building but also your equipment or cause electrical damage. If not addressed in time, it may even cause your commercial roofing to collapse. So, whenever you notice the first sign of leaks, call your flat roof contractor right away.

3. Maintain Cleanliness of Your Roofing

Debris buildup on your roof may lead to algae, clogs, or mold growth. Any of them are harmful to the life of your commercial roofing. So, schedule regular cleanings and clear all debris equipment to protect your roof for the long run.

4. Do Not Walk on the Roof

The lighter traffic you keep on your roof, the better. You may also ask the industrial roofers to install walk pads on your roofing. These will stabilize your roof, prevent damage, and prolong your roofing’s lifespan.

5. Check the Roof After a Bad Storm

Storms in the Greater Toronto Area may bring with them heavy winds, snow, or hail. All these can cause potential damage to your roofing. Therefore, you must check your roofing after a bad storm, as undetected issues may quickly become significant issues.

6. Unclog Drains and Gutters Regularly

Storms and rains may direct dust and debris into your roof’s drainage system. Clogged drains and gutters may lead to mold, mildew, and leaks, along with several other issues. So, it is imperative to clean them regularly to avoid any clogs. Call industrial rooferswho will identify and repair any loosened drains, gutters, or cracks on your roof.

7. Prune Any Overhanging Branches

Falling limbs of surrounding trees can cause significant damage to your roofing. So, it is best to have their overhanging branches pruned regularly. This simple step will not only prevent damage from falling branches but also keep your roofing clear of falling nuts and leaves. The sun will also shine directly on your roof, thereby preventing any algae accumulation.

8. Ensure Proper Functioning of your Roof Equipment

Faulty equipment installed on your roof may cause extensive damage to your structure’s integrity. Faulty wiring, leaky air conditioners, and unsealed vents can damage your roof and put your inhabitants at risk. You may call a flat roof contractor to identify the source of damage and get it fixed by a professional.

Hire Professional Industrial Roofers for Your Commercial Roofing in the Greater Toronto Area

Ensure that the flat roof contractoryou call for your roof inspection is certified and has the proper training to conduct the required commercial roofing repair and maintenance job.Crown Roofing sends fully trained industrial roofers to your commercial property, who ensure that your job is done on time and in a professional manner. We emphasize safety while minimizing disruptions and distractions in your business. Contact us today to book an appointment for your roof repair, maintenance, or restoration.