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Flat Roof Leak Detection with Infrared Scanning Technology

Apr 11, 2018

Crown Industrial Roofing’s Infrared Scanning technology provides a proven, cost effective method of early flat roof leak detection, and can help save your business from the costs of more serious and expensive flat roof repairs and replacements.

Benefits of Infrared Scanning

When compared to other roof inspection techniques, like flood testing, infrared scanning is a quick, cost-effective, non-invasive, and non-destructive procedure. This means that Crown’s Infrared Scanning is a faster, cheaper, and safer way to ensure that your flat roof is properly maintained and void of leaks.

Similarly, other tests (Nuclear Moisture Testing, Electrical Impedance Testing, and Electrical Field Vector Mapping) don’t allow for as complete and accurate testing as Infrared Scanning. These other tests are often limited to small grids, requiring multiple tests to survey an entire roof, and have technological limitations based on roofing materials and conditions.

However, Infrared Scanning’s ability to test your entire flat roof and return accurate information in a timely manner. This allows for tactical flat roof repairs that avoid costly and disruptive leaks, while also extending the lifespan of your flat roof, and minimizing any potential damage to your business.

How Infrared Scanning works

Crown Industrial Roofing’s Infrared Scanning technology detects temperature changes within your flat roofing system. Fluctuations in roof temperatures act as an indicator that your roof is holding moisture, which can lead to serious damage and leaks. The scan assigns colours to different temperatures, allowing for an easy to read and clear image of any moisture in your flat roof.

These temperature readings can also detect new flat roof leaks before they penetrate the decking of your roof and start to cause damage. These early detection readings allow for preventative repairs, as well as the ability to find current leaks for repair.

When and how often should you get an Infrared Scan on your flat roof?

The general recommendation is to get an Infrared Scan of your flat roof twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall.

However, there are four other times that an Infrared Scan is also recommended.

1) After severe weather (rain, snow, ice).
2) If you suspect a leak in your flat roof.
3) When purchasing an existing building.
4) After the installation of a new flat roof.

Infrared Technology finds the problem. Traditional craftsmanship gets it fixed. Fast and accurate with detailed reporting

Crown Industrial Roofing’s infrared commercial roofing and industrial roofing inspection is a proven, cost-effective method for roof leak detection in flat roof systems. After a completed scan, we create a detailed report, documenting the entrapped moisture areas in your flat roof and offer an itemized proposal to correct any leaks. Once you have approved our plan and estimate, our team of experienced commercial roofers and industrial roofers, will get to work quickly and effectively to repair your flat roof and maximize its lifespan.

To schedule an Infrared Scan for your flat roof, call Crown Industrial Roofing today at 416-744-7788.