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Four Lies Roofing Contractors Tell Building Owners in Toronto

Feb 17, 2020

Owning commercial property in Toronto, Ontario can be a huge responsibility. And when it comes time to replace your commercial or industrial roof, you can be left with a lot of uncertainty. For starters, trying to determine an honest commercial roofing contractor from a dishonest one can be among the hardest things to deal with.

Although there are many reputable commercial roofing contractors in Toronto and the surrounding areas, there are also many roofing contractors who do not have their client’s best interest at hand. In fact, some commercial roofing contractors are willing to lie just to get your business.

So, how can you tell which commercial roofing contractors are being honest and which ones are not? Education is the first step in protecting yourself – and your property! Here is our list of four potential lies roofing contractors tell buildings owners in Toronto, Ontario.

  1. “Your warranty covers everything.”

Although you may expect a warranty to cover anything and everything, it most likely won’t. For example, if a tradesman destroys parts of the roof during the job, those repairs will generally not be covered by the warranty. Bottom line – when it comes to a commercial or industrial roof’s warranty, it’s important for the roofing contractor to carefully explain all of the terms and conditions. Additionally, there should be no hidden terms; the roofing contractor should gladly sit down with you and explain all of the warranty’s details.

  1. “You need a full roof replacement.”

Your commercial or industrial flat roof should perform at its best all of the time, but inevitably, damage will occur at some point during its service life. While normal (and completely repairable), it’s important to know that not all roof damage requires an entire replacement.

Some dishonest commercial roofing contractors may try to tell you the only way to fix your leaking roof is by undergoing a full flat roof replacement – and the truth is, that’s not always the case. For example, if your commercial roof has minor damage, but is in otherwise good condition, then a repair can be a viable solution. On the other hand, if there are noticeable punctures, cracks, or other internal signs of damage such as discolored ceiling tiles and frequently rising energy bills, then your roof is likely due for an entire replacement.

  1. “We have the cheapest prices available.”

Commercial roofing contractors know that some building owners have tight budgets, in which case, a roofing contractor who provides the cheapest available price would be a desirable option for hire. To win bids, there are many roofing contractors out there who will cut corners as a way of presenting a cheaper proposal.

And while a cost effective option for a commercial roofing project may seem like the obvious choice, it shouldn’t be. Truth be told, “cheaper” rarely means “better.” What happens if that less expensive roof begins to malfunction next year? Or worse, what if a commercial flat roof that was expected to last 25+ years lasts only ten? Always keep in mind: roofers that charge lower prices generally tend to use lower quality materials, have a lower skill levels, and rarely perform quality work efficiently.

  1. “A visual roofing inspection is all you need.”

Although flat roof leaks and water damage may be noticeable to the human eye, trapped moisture in the waterproof membrane cannot. So, if a commercial roofer tells you otherwise, avoid working with them completely.

If you suspect trapped moisture in the roof’s waterproof membrane, contact a commercial roofer that employs high-quality infrared scanning. The use of infrared technology can be of extreme benefit to a building owner and his/her roofing system. A reputable commercial roofing contractor will use an infrared camera to conduct a complete and thorough high-resolution scan of your flat roof to find areas with trapped moisture. The special technology used in infrared scanning can help protect your flat roof, and essentially, your capital investment.

Honest & Reliable Toronto Area Roofers

Knowing the potential lies a commercial roofer may tell a building owner is essential when hiring the right contractor for your next commercial or industrial roofing project in the Greater Toronto Area. Being educated and prepared when you’re ready for a new roof can save you thousands of dollars and much unnecessary stress.

If you have any questions about these four common lies, or it would like more information regarding what to look for when hiring a commercial roofing contractor, do not hesitate to contact Crown Industrial Roofing today. With over 40 years of experience in expert commercial roofing workmanship, we have what it takes to successfully complete your commercial roofing project in an honest and professional manner. Book a free inspection with us today.