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How to Avoid Industrial or Commercial Roofing Scams

May 16, 2019

Your commercial or industrial roof will be among the biggest investments you’ll make as a commercial property owner. Not only will your roof be the first line of defense against extreme weather, it will also make your building more valuable in the long-term. For these reasons, it’s important that experienced, and fully licensed commercial roofing contractors install your flat roof.

In order to become licensed, roofing contractors must undergo an extensive training and evaluation that many inexperienced or illegitimate roofing contractors will not. Licensed roofers are also much more equipped at keeping your building safe and properly protected. Plus, you’ll get much more from your investment if the company you employ is reputable.

Commercial Roofing Scams: How to Identify Them

There’s no denying that we live in a world full of scammers, and unfortunately, there’s no shortage in the roofing industry. So, how do you know that you are dealing with an industrial or commercial roofing scam? And what are the red flags to look out for? Discover below as we’ll explain some of the telltale signs that you could be dealing with an illegitimate commercial roofing contractor.

1. Improper Credentials

Legitimate commercial roofers will always have their credentials on hand. Whether it is a business card, license, permits, or proof of insurance, reputable roofers will always be prepared to provide their credentials.

Identifying the scam

If you’re looking to hire a commercial or industrial roofing contractor in Toronto, always ask for their credentials. It’s important to not fall victim of people requesting to repair or replace your flat roof, while they cannot provide you with proper credentials. Simply put, if someone who proves to be a commercial roofer cannot prove that he is, avoid hiring at all costs.

2. Provides Service at Low Cost

A lower priced roofing estimate may seem like a good idea, however, you might end up losing more money by undertaking such an action. When it comes to commercial or industrial roofing projects, significantly low prices = red flag.

Identifying the scam

If you’ve received a roofing estimate that’s significantly low in cost, beware. You’ll want to avoid anyone who promises low prices, as this may be an indication that they are not qualified, or that they use inferior, and potentially unsafe roofing materials. Researching the authenticity of a commercial roofing contractor is important before hiring them. A simple tip would be to ask them for references and certifications. If they cannot provide you any of these, do not move forward in the hiring process.

3. Doesn’t Provide A Scope of Work

With commercial or industrial roofing, there’s no one size fits all solution. What may be used for one property’s roof, may not be used for another. As a result, no commercial roofing contractor can give you an accurate, reliable quote without thoroughly understanding the job ahead.

Identifying the scam

It’s important to understand how commercial roofers operate and their overall scope of work. Avoid any contractor who gives you a quote without ever entering your roof. How can they know what to charge if they’ve haven’t properly understood the job? They simply cannot.

4. Contract Lacks Information

The more detailed the roofing contract is, the better. Why? The less likely you are to get hit with a hidden fee. Some unlawful roofers will ask for additional money to cover “unexpected” expenses. And while some added fees to compensate for unexpected occurrences is common in commercial roofing, outrageous markups are not.

Identifying the scam

As a property owner, you should always be informed as to what’s going on and if you’ll be expected to pay any additional fees. All of this should be outlined within the contract agreement. Bottom line, do your research and ensure any contract you’re considering is detailed and legitimate.

Licensed Roofing Contractors in Toronto

At Crown Industrial Roofing, we strive to get your commercial or industrial roofing project done right. As fully licensed roofers in Toronto, we install quality commercial roofing systems while prioritizing our core values – honesty, integrity and respect. You can be confident in the work that we do and the exceptional level of customer service we provide.

If you want to make sure your flat roof is properly installed with the highest quality roofing materials in Toronto, call us today at 416.744.7788, or request a free, no-obligation roof inspection.