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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof?

May 26, 2019

Quality commercial roofing systems are meant to last several years, however, even with a high quality roofing system in place, there will be a time when replacement will be needed. Flat roof replacement in Toronto can be one of the best things to do for your property when your roof has reached the end of its useful life. Why? Failing to replace an old roof could result in significant problems in the future.

But, when should your commercial or industrial flat roof be replaced? And, how do you know when it’s truly ready for a replacement? With the help of an industrial roofing company in Toronto, Ontario, here are three factors to consider when determining whether it’s time to replace your commercial roof.

1. Roof’s Age

Like all essential parts of your building, after time, key elements will start to wear down. When it comes to commercial or industrial roofing systems, for example, they typically last 25-30 years. If you’ve had the same roof well passed this timeframe, it would be a good idea to start considering replacement options.

If you think your flat roof might be in need of a replacement, keep a close eye on it. If you have any questions regarding the state of your flat roof and if you should be considering replacement options, consult a professional commercial or industrial roofing company. Together, you’ll be better able to decipher the next steps to take.

2. Roof’s Condition

The existing condition of your flat roof can reveal a lot. For example, if you’ve noticed that your commercial or industrial roof is starting to sag, or is becoming more sensitive to rain or snow, a replacement is most likely needed. If your roof is sagging or becoming more sensitive to weather conditions, it will begin to put pressure on the overall structure of your building, causing damage that could lead to another set of problems entirely. As a result, you’ll need to act quickly before your roof drops and potentially threatens the structural integrity of your building.

3. Incorrect Installation

Depending on the roofing system you have, simple wear and tear can be an easy fix where an entire replacement isn’t necessary. However, if your roof was initially installed incorrectly, then it could cause significant damage to the exterior of the flat roof system overtime. Such damage includes: flashings, ventilation as well as membrane and structural damage. Replacing your flat roof before this damage occurs could save you from frequent (and costly) upkeep repairs.

Flat Roof Replacement in Toronto

If you own commercial property in Toronto, you should always keep a close eye on the age and state of your roof no matter what type of roofing system you have. While you may be able to make short-term repairs to a damaged roof, these costs can add up very quickly, and you will soon be looking for a long-term solution. If your roof has outlived its lifespan, is starting to wear down, or was installed improperly to begin with, consult a professional commercial roofing company, like Crown Industrial Roofing, for replacement options.

If you’re in need of a superior commercial or industrial roofing company in Toronto, Ontario, give us a call at 416.744.7788, or book your free flat roof inspection today. We have experience that you can trust, so give us a call to set up your flat roof inspection right away.