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How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Summer Heat?

May 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Commercial roof gets wear and tear in any season, but summers are the worst times when the roof gets damaged due to hot climates. The combination of humidity and heat with intense sunshine leads to the breakdown of the roof membranes. The roofing tends to expand during the day and shrink when the sun sets. When this process expands and shrinks continuously throughout the season, it weakens the roofing system and causes cracks in different roofing parts.

To avoid these conditions, it’s crucial to prepare your commercial roofing for the summer heat through damage repair, preventative maintenance, and roof inspection. Let’s find out how.

How Summer Heat May Damage Commercial Roofing?

Summer heat can pose significant threats to your commercial roof’s integrity. These are a few ways your commercial roof may get damaged due to summer heat:

Sun Damage: Improper treatment causes degradation of the roofing materials, causing your roof to bleach or blacken.

Thermal Shock: Fluctuating temperatures due to day and night cause thermal shock that causes shingles to create gaps or warp over time.

Loose Screws and Popped Seams: High heat, expanding and contracting roof surface, and harsh UV rayslead to loose screws and popped roof seams.

Drying: Structural materials and roof linings dry out due to summer heat, due to which they crack and become brittle. These fractures damage your roof’s structural integrity and degrade the waterproofing materials.

Steps to Prepare

Here are a few steps to prepare your commercial roof for the summer heat:

Clean Your Gutters

Most of the dirt and debris fall in the summer and gather in the gutters to clog them and weigh them down, thereby preventing them from functioning properly. Cleaning the gutters is the first thing you must do to prepare for the summer season. Install gutter guards to prevent debris from entering your gutters, but still, you must call in professionals to clean the gutters at least at the beginning of every summer.

Check Your Roof for Any Missing Shingles or Tiles

The rain, ice, and snow that came in the winter may have caused your tiles or shingles to fall off or come loose. This may leave your roof’s underbelly fully exposed to elements, leading to leaks and further roof damage. Leaks may further lead to mildew and mold, which become a significant health concern for people on your property.

As the summer season approaches, take a few minutes to inspect your roofing visually. Look for any spots with warped or missing shingles or cracked tiles. If you find any of these, schedule a repair job with anindustrial roofing contractor. They will replace any damaged or missing shingles or tiles and restore your roof’s integrity.

Schedule an Inspection

Industrial roofing needs regular inspection and maintenance just like your car. During a roof inspection, any trouble spots like cracks are revealed and fixed before the matter gets worse. Any weakened parts are repaired so that damage to other parts can be prevented. The roofing professionals also detect any signs of wear and tear, identify areas prone to accidents, and determine the strength of your roof surface. Paying close attention to vents, skylights, and chimneys, they ensure that they are tightly sealed.

Checking for any signs of water damage, preventing mold, checking the drainage system, are also parts of commercial roofing inspection.

Expert Roof Repair, Inspection, and Maintenance in Greater Toronto Area

If you are planning to prepare your commercial roofing for the summer heat, then look no further than the experienced team of professionals at Crown Roofing in the Greater Toronto Area. We are dedicated to maintaining your roof and having it functioning exactly as you want. We deliver high-quality work and take your satisfaction as our most important job. So, don’t risk your commercial roofing this summer- get in touch with us today!