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How To Solve The 5 Worst Industrial Roofing Problems

Mar 11, 2020

Having a durable flat roof is among any Toronto-area property owner’s top priorities. And while commercial or industrial flat roofs are built to last, roofing problems are inevitable. At some point during the lifespan of your flat roof, you will likely encounter an issue(s) that puts threat to the roof’s integrity. However, with continuous maintenance, inspections, and prompt repairs, you can prevent commercial or industrial roofing problems from getting worse or happening altogether.

But, how? Being aware of the different types of industrial roofing problems that can occur will keep your roof protected during all stages of its service life. Below, we’ll reveal five of the worst industrial roofing problems and how they can be solved by the professionals at Crown Industrial Roofing.

  1. Wind Uplift

Win uplift can be devastating, especially to industrial roofing systems. When a forceful wind catches an open seam or loose flashing on the roof, it can cause billowing, tenting or even complete blow-offs. A flat roof is more susceptible to damages caused from severe wind if the roof is not properly and regularly maintained, or if the initial installation was done incorrectly.

Solution: Ask your Toronto-area commercial roofing contractor to provide the proper specifications or building codes for your area when installing or repairing a flat roof, and ensure they are available to inspect the condition of your flat roof at any time.

  1. Shrinkage

In Toronto where temperatures frequently fluctuate, the material of your commercial or industrial roofing system may contract and later expand. As a result of repeated expansion and contraction, joints will begin to break, which can eventually lead to structural damage of not just the flat roof, but also the entire building.

Solution: While all industrial roofing systems can experience shrinkage, TPO, EPDM, and PVC membrane systems are particularly vulnerable. Ensure that your flat roof is inspected frequently to detect potential problems with shrinkage. Ignoring the problem will result in more expensive repairs, if not the replacement of the entire roof.

  1. Punctures & Holes

All commercial or industrial roofing systems are susceptible to punctures and holes, however, single-ply membrane systems are more commonly known to experience such damage. For example, damage from foot traffic can be problematic – and likely the cause of punctures to the roofing materials of a single-ply membrane.

Solution: Keep the amount of foot traffic on your flat roof to a minimum, and have a licensed commercial roofer inspect the roof after any tradespeople have entered.

  1. Ponding Water

Ponding water most often occurs if the flat roof’s drainage system isn’t working properly. If drains are not cleaned regularly, or after any type of severe weather, clogging will occur and eventually lead to a backup of standing water on the roof’s surface. Ponding water can become a severe problem if not properly solved; not only can it cause a roof to leak, ponding water can also add weight to the roof, causing damage to the property’s structure.

Solution: In order to prevent ponding water on any flat roof, it’s important to have clear drains. Have a professional roofing contractor in Toronto perform seasonal flat roof maintenance to ensure the roof’s drainage systems remain clear of debris, and that your commercial flat roof maintains good water flow.

  1. Improper Installation

Not only is faulty commercial or industrial roof installation a problem in itself, but it can also increase the likelihood of future roofing problems such as leaks, punctures and holes, and other severe structural damage. Bottom line, improper commercial roof installation can be detrimental to your property and the people within. If you suspect your property’s roof was installed poorly, get in touch with a professional commercial roofer in Toronto immediately.

Solution: Always make sure the commercial roofing contractor you hire is highly qualified and fully licensed for the job. Read more about the proper steps to take when hiring a commercial or industrial roofing contractor in Toronto, Ontario here.

Roofing Problems Solved By Our Toronto Area Roofing Contractors

The above industrial roofing problems can be easily solved by speaking with the experienced Toronto-area roofing contractors at Crown Industrial Roofing. If you suspect flat roof problems on your commercial or industrial building, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified Toronto area industrial roofing repair company.

With over 40 years of expert commercial roofing services in the Greater Toronto Area, we’re here to solve any commercial roofing problems you may have. We also provide 24/7 emergency roof repair services in Toronto if your industrial roofing problem becomes dangerous and severe. Give us a call, or book your free roofing inspection today.