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Is it possible to install a new flat roof in the winter?

Jan 9, 2019

Winter is here! Is your facility ready to tackle Toronto’s cold and snowy winter? If you own commercial property in the Greater Toronto Area, harsh winter weather is no stranger. That’s why thinking ahead and ensuring that your roofing system is durable enough to take on even the toughest winter weather is advisable.

If you’re unsure as to whether your existing industrial roofing system can survive another Canadian winter, you may be asking yourself “is it possible to install a new flat roof in the winter?”

The answer: Yes.

But, how? And what types of flat roofing system can be installed during a cold Canadian winter? Read on to find out.

B.U.R Roofing Systems – Winter Installation

Hot asphalt-based multi-ply Built Up Roofs (B.U.R) are the most ideal roofing systems for winter installation. Why? Hot asphalt is very easy to work with (it can be heated to over 500 degrees), so winter weather conditions wouldn’t pose as a major threat to the material. Additionally, because hot asphalt is a liquid, it can easily seep into cracks, immediately creating a watertight seal when cooled.

Because the materials in hot asphalt-based B.U.R roofing are preheated, this system becomes the most reliable roof application for Canadian winters. At Crown Industrial Roofing, we use superior quality asphalt roofs with highly reflective coating to minimize UV exposure to the asphalt underneath, giving the roof a much longer lifespan than roofs made with lower quality materials.

Flat Roofing in Canadian Winters

When it comes to flat roofing during Toronto’s winter months, the hot asphalt-based B.U.R roofing system is the best (and most advisable) purchase for your commercial property. Although other industrial flat roofing systems can be installed during the winter, we advise going with the hot asphalt-based, multi-ply Built-Up Roofing (BUR) approach. Not only is it ideal for roof replacements, it is also great for sectional roofing repairs – which, too, can be completed during the winter.

Next Steps

The hot asphalt-based, multi-ply B.U.R roofing system has been around since the birth of the industrial age – developed in wet, drizzly England – and still outperforms all other flat roofing systems. The high quality material used in this flat roofing system is reliable, durable and water-resistant, and has proven its effectiveness time and time again during harsh Canadian winters.

So, there you have it. If you’re in need of a flat roof replacement, or a sectional repair this winter, it’s not too late. And while we highly recommend installing a hot asphalt-based multi-ply Built Up Roofing System, you should always do your homework when choosing a flat roof system for your commercial property. Flat roofing systems are not a one size fits all approach, which is why we recommend consulting a highly professional, Toronto-based commercial or industrial flat roofing contractor like Crown Industrial Roofing.

To learn more about our flat roofing systems, book your free inspection today. As one of Toronto’s most trusted commercial and industrial roofing companies, we’ll provide you with the professional advice you need when it comes to installing or repairing a flat roofing system during the winter.