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Know Your Roof: EPDM (Single Ply Membrane)

Jul 28, 2018

Brief Summary – EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers. It is a type of single ply roofing membrane. These kind of membranes have a lower cost compared to traditional B.U.R. EPDM systems make sense for buildings with high acid and/or alkali exhaust because they do have excellent resistance to these elements.  

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Know Your Roof: EPDM

EPDM is an acronym for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers. It is a high density single-ply synthetic rubber membrane that is extremely versatile with an ability to withstand high temperature. These membranes are great for southern climates, while in Canada, the benefits of the high temperature resistance are negligible.

When to Use EPDM System?

EPDM has largely been allocated for the Commercial and Industrial market. Due to the rubber nature of EPDM, they have a certain “bounce” factor which gives excellent protection against hail and other debris. These membranes are preferred choice for buildings located in the suburbs, rural or remote areas. The temperature, acid and alkali resistance makes them suitable for most manufacturing plants.

How is EPDM Installed?

These membranes come in a large roll that must be carefully setup on a prepared roof. The membrane seams are attached with a powerful adhesive. This is a delicate and precise process and requires a professional roofer with years of experience.  An inexperienced roofer may not be able to ensure that there is proper preparation or coverage to ensure that the seams are properly connected and weatherproofed.


EPDM are susceptible to grease damage. The synthetic rubber gets corroded when exposed to grease which makes it a bad choice for restaurants, food production or any business that exhausts large amount of grease.  This is also one of the reason that EPDM roofs are not recommended for urban centres.

EPDM much like other single-ply systems are relatively easy to install. This has resulted in less scrupulous roofers and hacks offering them to building owners. In the GTA, this has caused a lot of problems such as leaks for buildings since most of these single-ply roofs were not installed properly.

These roofs not count as Cool Roofs since they do not reflect UV radiation. There will not be any major change in carbon emissions due to Air Conditioning requirements.


In Conclusion

EPDM systems are a good option for suburban/rural manufacturing or facility. These membranes provide excellent acid and alkali resistance and puncture protection. EPDM roofs are not grease resistant which can be a concern in an urban environment with large number of restaurants or food production facilities. As with any other roofing system, they require regular inspections and maintenance to fulfill their life span. Single-ply systems should only be installed by professional and experience roofing companies like Crown Industrial Roofing. Give us a call and upon inspection, we can help you select the right roof for your business and environment.

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