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Preventative Maintenance On Your Roof in The Spring Season

Oct 21, 2019

With the start of any new season, it’s important to know the state of your commercial or industrial flat roof. And while frequent roof maintenance is of utmost importance, maintaining the condition of your commercial flat roof in the spring is critical. Why? Failing to take care of your commercial roof after the winter can lead to significant damage, increasing the need for repair and leading to premature roof failure that can cut years off its lifespan.

Simply put, preventative flat roof maintenance in the spring season is imperative.

Not only is maintaining your flat roof during the spring a cost effective solution to future unexpected repairs, it can also extend the roof’s life significantly. So, what are the best practices to take note of for preventative maintenance on your commercial flat roof or industrial flat roof in the spring season in Toronto, Ontario? We’ve listed four below.

  1. Always inspect roof after severe weather. If you own commercial property in Toronto, you’re no stranger to the harsh winters the city and surrounding areas can endure. High winds, heavy snowfall, and freezing cold temperatures can all have a negative impact on your flat roof over time. Having a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof after any kind of severe weather can keep you ahead of any weather-related damage.
  2. Look for missing or damaged roofing materials. Warped, broken, or dented roofing materials are all signs that your commercial flat roofs in need of repair, or worse, an entire replacement. Performing a visual inspection at the beginning of the spring season, or (as mentioned) after any kind of severe weather will keep you aware of any current or potential issues.

3.Inspect beyond the naked eye with infrared scanning and surveying. Although seasonal routine roofing inspections are absolutely necessary, they may not always be enough. Finding leaks and other weather damage, for example, can’t always be done with the naked eye. And while cleaning and removing debris can prevent future drainage problems, finding issues of trapped moisture can only be done through infrared scanning.

The use of high resolution infrared imaging will properly identify what tactical flat roof leak repairs need to be made during the spring season, helping you avoid costly leaks and extending the lifespan of your commercial roof entirely.

Toronto’s Preventative Flat Roof Maintenance Experts

Preventative flat roof maintenance during the spring season is necessary so that you can get the most out of your commercial flat roof or industrial flat roof. Protect your investment by getting proactive: ensure your commercial flat roof is regularly inspected and kept free of damaging debris.

At Crown Industrial Roofing, we are here to help you stay on top of your roof system maintenance with our preventative maintenance program. Contact us today and we’ll make sure you know how to keep your commercial flat roof intact and functional not just during the spring season, but rather all 52 weeks of the year.