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Why You Need Professional Commercial Roofers

Jun 7, 2018

Brief Summery – Some Businesses think that they are saving money by hiring amateur roofers to take care of their Industrial or Commercial Flat roofing needs. Your Flat Roof Needs Professional Commercial Roofers like Crown Roofing to guide you through the process of managing your roofing system. Adequate insurance coverage, training and experience backed up by a professional project management methodology is essential for a successful roofing project.

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“Penny Wise, Pound Foolish” is a very apt proverb when it relates to your Industrial or Commercial Flat Roof. In Our Modern Business World, Everyone Is Trying To Reduce Cost Of Operations and squeezing each line item. Unfortunately, since Flat Roofs Are Out Of Sight, they can get the short end of the budget planning process. This can result in Business owners or property managers hiring amateurs flat roofers to save some money. Flat Roofing is much more than just a “hat” for your building. It is the most important protection for your entire building envelope.  Your Industrial or Commercial Flat Roof should only be serviced or replaced by Professional Commercial Roofers with years of Experience and Warranty.

Professional Roofers like Crown Industrial Roofing provide the following benefits to business owners:

Guiding the client

Crown Industrial Roofing guide their clients by helping them decide on the permanent repair or perfect roofing system for their building and budget. This can involve choosing building materials, type of roofing, usage of the roof and many other variables. The detailed analysis by our Expert Estimators can make sure that your project is done on time and within budget. Crown’s Professional Commercial Roofing crews make sure that the agreed upon plan is implemented without undue disruption to your business.

Safety of the property and people

Professional Commercial Roofers always take care of the properties they are working on. Prompt removal of debris and proper signage is essential for the safety of your employees and customers. Experienced roofing companies will also have at least $5 Million Insurance coverage to ensure that your property and people are protected. Crown Roofing exceeds these requirements by a large margin, we protect your project and business with a $10 Million Coverage. Trust Crown With Your Flat Roof!

Inspecting the roof damages and ensuring estimate

Crown Roofing will always send an Expert Estimator to any Commercial Roofing project that requires repairs or replacement. By exploring the property and inspecting the roof in detail, the Estimator can give accurate estimate of the project that considers total cost and various options. This inspection also allows Crown’s Estimator to see the conditions of the flashing, boots, drainage and skylights which are included in the quote provided. The detailed quote by Crown Roofing allows the client to be aware of the timelines, and weather conditions for the project.

Honoring the Warranties

Recently the GTA market has been inundated with “Fly By Night” roofers. These Houdini’s of the roofing industry take advantage of unsuspecting business owners by offering a “sweet deal”. When there is an concern or an issue with the repair or the new roof, most clients find that these companies are nowhere to be found. Poof like magic they have vanish with your money and warranties. These can be very expensive “sweet deals” for you and your business.

Crown understands that Industrial or Commercial Flat Roof Repairs or Flat Roof Replacement can be an expensive project for any client. Which is why we provide 10 + Years of Warranty on our Roof Replacement and 5 Year Warranty on our Permanent Roof Repairs. We back these warranties up with 40+ Years of Experience in the Industry and thousands of Satisfied Clients Across the GTA.

Government Regulations

Crown Industrial Roofing meets and/or exceeds all Government regulations for the Roofing Industry. All of our Roofers are protected by WSIB.  Crown also ensures that all of the team members that will be Inspecting or Working on Roofs have received their Working At Heights Training and are current with all government regulations when it comes to Health and Safety.

As you can guess, Roofing is inherently dangerous work. Professional Flat Roofing organizations like Crown Industrial Roofing will always ensure that the work is completed safely and according to Government Regulations.

In Conclusion, Flat Roofs are an integral part of your building and its environmental control system. The Industrial or Commercial Roof system should only be Inspected, Repaired and/or Replaced by a Professional, Experienced Flat Roofing Company like Crown Industrial Roofing. It is not prudent to save a few dollars now by going with amateurs and risk damage to your building and business. Don’t make a Penny Wise but Pound Foolish decision for your business.

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