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Reasons Why Flat Roofs Leak

Oct 5, 2021 | 0 comments

A flat roof is a common feature in most industrial and commercial buildings of Toronto. Although they are simple to build, they need a lot of inspection and maintenance on a regular basis. Like any other roof, flat roofs eventually leak after weathering. No industrial roofing system is built to last forever. However, chances of leakage are higher with a flat roof because it does not allow water to run off its surface quickly.

Most of the time, flat roof leakage does not always imply that your roof needs complete replacement. It requires an inspection from a flat roof contractor and their industrial roofing repair job to get things done right. Wondering why flat roofs leak?These are some of the most common reasons for flat roof leakage.

1. Ageing Membrane

Older flat roof membranes are weaker than modern-built roofing systems. Over time, UV-resistant paint may have worn out, causing the membrane to blister and split. General wear and tear and freeze-thaw cycles during Toronto winters may accelerate the breakdown. Call a flat roof contractor who can conduct the industrial roofing repair job by patching, capping, or insulating the decking. However, experts may recommend a new roof installation if the damage is done to the underlying structure.

2. Poor Membrane Installation

A poorly installed roofing system is the result of poor workmanship. Flat roofs with poorly installed membranes may start leaking within the first two years. Most of them are not covered by the guarantee, as the installers often do not take responsibility for poor workmanship.

3. Leaking Flashing

Lead flashing is another common reason for flat roofing leakage. Applied at the intersections between the flat roof and the brick walls, lead flashing provides waterproofing to these areas. However, this flashing degrades with time and loses its adhesion and integrity with the wall. Cheap adhesives may peel away and expose the intersections to allow leakage. Leaking flashing will require emergency roof repairs Toronto by skilled professionals.

4. Damaged Roofing Material

The physical or mechanical impact may cause punctures in the membrane, thereby causing leakage. Single-ply flat roof systems are more prone to such punctures. Moving across sharp objects like ladders, toolboxes, and scaffolding on the roof also causes damage to the roofing material.

Contact a Specialist Flat Roof Contractor in the Greater Toronto Area

If your flat roof is leaking, give a call to Crown Roofing, where industrial roofers will carry out the required commercial roofing repair to address the cause of the leakage. At Crown Roofing, our team is dedicated and experienced since 1977. Book an appointment with us, and we will provide you with the fastest and most reliable solution as required.