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Roof Repair vs. Replacement: What is the Best Option for Your Roof?

Dec 30, 2019

With your commercial or industrial flat roof being the first line of defense for your property, preventing damage before it happens is crucial. In other words, it’s important to invest in a quality commercial roofing system with regular maintenance to not only protect your initial investment, but also your property and the people within.

Although not all commercial roofing decisions are easy to determine, one thing that’s certain is that a durable commercial roof is essential. So, how can you determine the current state of your commercial or industrial roof?

Does your flat roof require repairs? Or, will you need an entire commercial roof replacement? The route you take will depend on several factors, and we’ve put together a list of the top three that will help you make the right decision on whether to repair or replace your commercial or industrial flat roof.

  1. Know the Roof’s Condition

A surefire way to tell whether you should seek flat roof repairs or a flat roof replacement is to have a thorough inspection performed. A professional commercial roofing company can easily inspect the condition of your flat roof to determine its state. For example, if your roof has minor damage, but is in otherwise good condition, then a repair can be a viable solution. On the other hand, if there are noticeable leaks, tears, cracks, or other internal signs of damage such as discolored ceiling tiles and frequently rising heating and cooling costs, then your roof is likely due for an entire replacement.

  1. Know the Type of Repair Your Roof Needs

Another way to tell whether your commercial or industrial roof will need either repairing or replacing is to know the type of fixing it needs. And while a permanent fix is always the best solution, we understand that budgets may not always allow for it. A temporary repair to your commercial flat roof could be a suitable solution if your timeline and budget doesn’t allow for an entire replacement. However, if your flat roof has experienced any type of extensive damage, a full replacement is the only option.

  1. Know the Method of Installation & Materials Used

As a commercial property owner, it’s your duty to know the type of roof and roofing materials that were installed on your property. And while most commercial roofing companies use high quality roofing materials and employ highly experienced craftsman, there will always be those who don’t.

If your commercial or industrial flat roof was installed incorrectly, or if improper materials were used, then the roof will most likely have to be replaced sooner than later. Sadly, when the wrong commercial roofing materials are used, or the roof is installed incorrectly, repairing isn’t an option. Rather, it should be replaced with proper and more efficient materials to ensure roof durability and longevity.

Flat Roof Repair & Flat Roof Replacement in The Greater Toronto Area

When it comes to commercial or industrial flat roofs in Toronto, Ontario, there is no one size fits all solution. No two commercial roofing systems are the same, which is why determining whether your flat roof simply needs repairs, or if it requires an entire replacement can be so tricky.

Thankfully, the commercial roofing professionals at Crown Industrial Roofing can help. Not only is it our goal to provide our customers with cost effective, durable and fully functional commercial and industrial roofing systems, but it is also our duty to perform expert craftsmanship on every commercial roofing project we take on – whether you need flat roof repairs, flat roof replacement, or flat roof maintenance and inspection.

At Crown Industrial Roofing, we also provide emergency roof repair to all types of flat commercial roofing and flat industrial roofing systems in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our expert commercial roofing services in Toronto, or to book your free roofing inspection.