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Top 5 Reasons Why Flat Roofs are Common on Commercial Buildings

Aug 19, 2019

When shopping for commercial roof repair or commercial roof replacement in Toronto, you’ll notice major differences in cost, material, and general maintenance between flat roofs and sloped roofs. Why is it that some buildings have flat roofs while others have sloped roofs? There are a few reasons: depending on the building’s structure, functionality and budget requirements, you’ll notice a difference in roofing types and roofing systems altogether.

When it comes to commercial or industrial properties, flat roofs are particularly common, and there’s a couple of interesting reasons why:

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Flat roofs are generally less expensive to build and maintain than more traditional sloped roofs. And while a more cost effective option, flat roofs must be carefully installed and maintained in order to avoid some rather unique problems. For example, flat roofs, if installed improperly, can be subject to pooling water. This water accumulation can cause leaks and structural problems if not properly looked after.

At the same time, a properly installed flat roof has many benefits, including reduced energy demand and therefore lower heating and cooling costs as well as increased structural durability and safety for the people within the building.

  1. Easier Maintenance

Although all types of roofing systems need regular and proper maintenance to ensure they prevent potential damages, flat roofs are generally easier to maintain. Why? When it comes to flat roof inspection, it’s easier to access than a sloped roof. Walking on a flat roof can be less complicated than trying to navigate your way onto a sloped roof. And, thanks to its flat surface, roofing problems such as leaks and damages can be found easier and promptly diagnosed.

  1. Increased Longevity

The lifespan of a flat roof typically ranges anywhere from 20 to 30 years provided that its (1) installed correctly by a highly qualified, licensed commercial or industrial roofing contractor (2) receives the right maintenance and upkeep throughout its life. It’s also quicker to facilitate repair, replacement, or installation on a flat roof if need be.

  1. Extra Space 

Flat roofs are a desirable option for many commercial buildings and city structures because of the extra provided space. For example, this extra space can be used to create a more energy efficient property. More convertible roof space can be a huge advantage if you wish to install solar panels. This alone will make you’re your building more energy efficient, and will therefore lower energy demand and costs even more than it already is.

  1. Effective Drainage 

As mentioned, flat roofs have more flat surface area on top. Aside from being a highly durable, low maintenance option, a flat roof can also provide effective drainage solutions for your commercial building. For example, flat roofs have enough flat surface area for the installation of a rainwater roll-off system, which can ensure that rain and water buildup will not clog or damage roof drainage.

Toronto’s Flat Roof Experts for Your Commercial Building 

Flat roofs are a durable, cost effective and easy-to-maintain option for your commercial or industrial property in Toronto, Ontario. With a variety of high quality materials to choose from, commercial property owners with virtually any budget can choose a flat roof for their property.

To ensure you are receiving the maximum capabilities for your commercial flat roof repair or flat roof replacement in Toronto, contact the experienced professionals at Crown Industrial Roofing. We have successfully been serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1977, and are ready to help with your next flat roof repair or flat roof replacement project.

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