Whether you’re looking to install, repair or replace a commercial flat roof, it’s important to seek professional commercial roofers, as they will have the specific skills and tools necessary to properly complete the job.

Think about it: even the slightest mistakes or use of improper tools during flat roof installation or repair can cause severe (and costly) issues in the long term. Additionally, working on a roof is exceptionally dangerous, which is why hiring a professional to complete the job is really the only sensible action.

When it comes to flat roof installation, replacement, or repair, commercial roofing contractors will use many tools – some of which are common roofing tools, and some that are more specialized and complex. In addition to the various types of membranes, fasteners, insulations and adhesives, there are some essential roofing tools worth mentioning.

Below are some of the most commonly required tools commercial roofing contractors will use on a commercial or industrial flat roof.

1. Roofing Hammer

A high quality roofing hammer is an essential tool for any commercial roofing contractor. Roofing hammers are among the most frequently used commercial roofing tools out there. For example, a commercial roofing contractor will use a roofing hammer for removing misplaced tiling, securing loose nails, tiling, fastenings, etc.

2. Roofing Nailer

When your commercial or industrial flat roof is in need of a full replacement, a power nailer is necessary to ensure a faster, more efficient job. For a commercial roofing contractor, the best type of roofing nailer is called a “coil nailer,” which can come in various sizes to accommodate the capacity of each roofing project.

3. Utility Knife

A utility knife is a commonly used tool by commercial roofing contractors. For example, various roofing material, such as shingles, felt and other fastenings will need to have a proper size and shape with each installation, and a utility knife can make that possible.

A utility knife that’s specialized for roofing contains a knob for opening and closing, entirely eliminating the need for a screwdriver. It also contains a “hooked” magnetic blade, which makes it easier to size and shape different types of commercial roofing material.

Other important tools commercial roofing contractors will use are:

·      Caulking guns: used to seal fastenings

·      Paint brushes: used to apply bulk caulk to specific areas

·      Roof hoist: used to raise and lower bulky equipment and supplies from roof deck

·      Electric drills: used for drilling holes in concrete, metal, aluminum, etc.

·      Pop-rivet gun: used to fasten sheet metal

·      Shovels: used for removing loose debris from the roof during roof repair, restoration or replacement

·      Core-cutter: used for cutting holds in a built up roof (B.U.R)

While there are many more roofing tools that haven’t been mentioned, listed above are among the primary tools used in commercial or industrial roofing.

Experts in Toronto Commercial Roofing

When your commercial or industrial flat roof needs to be repaired or replaced, or if you’re in need of primary installation, you’ll want to make sure that you employ a professional commercial roofing company in Toronto that has the proper tools for the job.

While we have merely scratched the surface of the many tools commercial roofing contractors use during each job, we can’t stress enough the importance of the tools we’ve mentioned above. Not only are these tools essential to getting the job done, they are also necessary to doing the job right.

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