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When Should You Replace Roof Flashings?

Nov 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Roof flashing is a waterproofing material that most industrial roofing systems have to keep water away from exhausts, vents, joints, and appliance connection joints. Their primary purpose is to direct water away from these areas so that moisture cannot penetrate the structure and cause water-related damage. However, when it comes to industrial roofing repair, some industrial roofersin the Greater Toronto Areamay suggest replacing the roof flashing. Although it may be quite costly, time-consuming, and hectic, doing it is worth it to protect your commercial building’s interiors and exteriors. If you are still confused about whether your roof flashing needs replacement or not, here are a few tips to follow.

Different Types of Roof Flashing

  • Drip Edge Flashing is installedaround the roof perimeter to allow water flow off the roof
  • Corner Flashing is placed where two walls intersect from roof to floor
  • Cap Flashing isinstalled top protect the topmost edges of the membrane flashing
  • Exhaust Flashingis used where an exhaust or vent sticks out of the roofing
  • Inverted Corner is installed where the roof meets a wall around a corner, between the wall and the structure

Before hiring a flat roof contractor for roof flashings replacement, these are a few areas to check:

  • The area where the roof meets a vertical wall, such as the exhausts, vents, joints, and appliance connection joints
  • A protrusion in your roofing, such as the exhaust or vent
  • In the valleys where the slopes of two roofs meet

The roof flashing is installed on the roof to prevent leaks. You need to keep your flashing in optimum condition to keep your commercial building safe, dry, and protected. If your flashing is several years old and water leaks from the area where the roof starts, stops or diverts, the flashing might need replacement. Although industrial roofers may suggest you to re-use the flashing, it is not always the best practice.While re-used, nails often do not enter back into the same holes, which may weaken the Toronto commercial roofing structure.

These are a few things to check before deciding if your roof flashing needs replacement or not:

  1. When was the old flashing installed?
  2. Was it installed properly?
  3. How many times have you have called professionals for industrial roofing repair for your flashing?
  4. What kind of repairs has your flashing gone through in the past?
  5. Have you already re-used the flashing of your roof?
  6. Does your flashing look like cheese? It might be because it is already nailed several times.

The best way to ensure the quality and sturdiness of your roof flashing is to have it replaced with a flat roof contractor and ensure that they install it properly.

Hire Expert Commercial Roofing Repair Professionals to Replace Your Roof Flashing in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, and the Greater Toronto Area

Installing new flashing is a significant decision for most commercial property owners. So, it makes good sense to get in touch with a reputed flat roof contractor like Crown Roofing. With our expertise and experience, we can help you choose between flashing repair and replacement and deliver you the best quality service you expect. Visit our website or contact usover the phone, or email, to get expert help now.